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Good Morning,

Thank you all for the great posts and information, I have recently been asked if I could print the attached design on a heavy cotton grey(Ash) shirt. Customer is requesting waterbase ink... Does not like the heavy plastic feeling. I have found my ink and now moving forward. Customer provided me a vector image that I was able to seperate out, Can anyone take a look at the image and give me pointers as how I should print this to get the most out of the image.

1. Lasy down all the Gold Ink, then Lay down black ink on top or vice versa.

2. Should I be using halftones?

3. I am using 156 Mesh Screens is that ok?

This design will not require any halftones. I would print the gold first and then print black on top. You can trap the black (so it slightly overlaps the gold) if you do not feel comfortable butt registering the job.

156 mesh is perfect. Make sure you use the round side of the coater to get a thicker stencil. Keep the screen flooded while not printing using waterbase and discharge.

Also, if this is your first WB job, make sure you have the correct emulsion so that the stencil doesn't breakdown while printing.
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