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TwillStitch Pro v/s Plus

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We are thinking about purchasing TwillStitch Pro or Plus. Can anyone explain the differences to me. I couldn't really get a great description from the web. Who uses what level, and how easy is it to use? We have Tajima Pulse illustrator edition, but it can be time consuming building different applique fonts. looking for a piece of software to start semi-automating the process for us.

Thanks in advance should you choose to respond!

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Well here is what I can tell you. By no means am I an expert! I currently use Twill Stitch Pro. This software will only allow you to create sewdisc files from the designs that you import into the software. It only have (from what I can recall) two fonts that you can use within the software. Now, the plus on the other hand included all of the sew files for stahl precut letters and numbers and 150 other pre digitized fonts. It also has cut files for other things included. Whats holding me back from purchasing the plus is the price. I just could not justify the cost and did not want to go and purchase the full software again. I was so sad to learn they did not have an upgrade for those who already had the pro version. This is great software. It really simplifies the process of doing tackle twill. If you feel you will be doing a bit of tackle twill this software is well worth the investment. You won't have to keep paying $$$ for sew disc. Hope this helps!

Not sure about what your software has, but most just let you import your letter or true type font, convert to outline, and then convert to applique. Only three steps involved. I send the original file, minus the applique stuff to the cutter, and then just sew it down.
Can anyone tell me how to determine what settings for sewing onto different garments, Fleece, T-shirts, etc, or just use the program settings?
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