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Tutorial on half ton and sepatation.

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Any body know an economical totorial and the software to produce halftone and color separation.
1ScreenPrint say thank you for your cooperation.
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I use Photoshop CS3 for Screen Printers. By Joli Ballew. She explains it really well. Also you can buy the book on ebay for cheap. You can try Amazon too.
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Check out some of the Great Dane Graphics training Manuals. I am going through the one for Illustrator and Photoshop now. I have been using those programs for about 7 years and I have learned a lot in the past few days.
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What program are you using now?
If you use CorelDRAW, use Spot colors and have a PS printer you can do it easily.
Select your spot color and the percentage of color you wish to use. In the print menu you turn on Separations and Print as Separations, if you have a PS printer connected you can go to advanced options and control the dot size, the smaller the number the larger the dot.
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Check out these tutorials for spot and halftone separation. I always recommend them to people because they helped me tons..

Jimmy Heartcore's videos on Vimeo

Here is one on index separation..


Red515 posted a link to a really cool plugin for photoshop that separates almost anything..

Award Winning T-Shirt Printing - For Small And Large Screen Printers

good luck.
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