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Turning Wedding Bells into Profits- Tips on Decorating Apparel for Weddings

We’ve all heard of the expression “April showers bring May flowers”, but what do May flowers bring? Wedding season! That’s right- Wedding season. This time of year it is hard to think of anything other than those sunny summer days but as May nears an end; don’t miss out on the opportunity to capitalize on the summer wedding season. Here are 5 tips and ideas to get you started:

1) Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Customized!

Ok. So, maybe this saying doesn’t rhyme quite as much as the original but it is just as important. Personalizing garments for weddings is the key to success when decorating for this niche market. To win their business, give them something more than a mass produced shirt with “Bride” on it. Showing those customers something out of the ordinary will get them excited to wear your garments. Customizing these shirts is easy to do. Simply start by giving them the choice to add the bride and groom’s name, the wedding date, or even a destination for the wedding event and watch as these shirts will fly off the shelf

2) Think Outside of the Ring Box!

There are many opportunities other than the wedding day itself to capitalize on. Start creating your line by brainstorming all of the bridal events you can decorate for. Personalized shirts for the bride and bridesmaids to wear at their bridal shower are a great place to begin, especially because they are versatile enough to be worn for all of the wedding events. Once you have caught their eye with these looks, show them the importance of having a custom shirt for their bachelorette party night out by creating a fun, fashionable shirt with the details of their night such as the place of the party and the name of the bride. While you’re making something for the bride- don’t forget about her groom. Take the opportunity to show them customized shirts for his last night of freedom as well. Decorating those honeymoon bathing suits personalized with the Mrs. new name is another great way to up sell.

3) Go Bling or Go Home!

With all of the special effects for decorating apparel available today, there are many ways to add sparkle and shine to wedding inspired garments. From glitter effects to foils, the opportunities are endless. Use these shimmering effects alone or with other basic effects to create unique mixed media looks.

4) Accessorize!

Every apparel decorator knows the importance of up-selling with accessories. Every good bride knows the importance of accessorizing for the big day. Put the two together and we have a “Win-Win”. All that is left to do is personalize those accessories and show the bride the value in adding these inexpensive items to her must have bridal list. A canvas tote personalized for the bride can be the perfect accessory for the wedding day when the bride must bring along her essentials. After wearing high heels through the ceremony and dinner, your bride will be thrilled to have a pair of flip flops or slippers customized for her.

5) Don’t Forget Those Lovely Parting Gifts!

There’s no better way for a bride and groom to thank their guests and bridal party for sharing in their special day than with personalized gifts. Wedding favors are a great way for the newlyweds to show their unique personalities to their guests. This can be done with funny shirts or personalized bags that are printed with the couple’s names and filled with goodies. Make it easy on the bride and groom and allow them to purchase gifts for their bridal party at your shop as well. Personalized koozies and bags are a great way for them to say thank you to their bridal party.

Make your shop stand out this summer with unique wedding inspired t-shirts. Whether you are new to apparel decorating or have done it for years, adding this niche market to your customer list will help drive traffic to your store and fuel sales!

Courtney Matlick works in Sales and Business Development for one of T-ShirtForums Preferred Vendors, Stahls’ CADCUTdirect.com and has extensive knowledge of heat applied graphics. For more information, contact Courtney at Courtney[USER=77750]@CA[/USER]dcutdirect.com or visit online at cadcutdirect.com
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