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Turning Lots Of Colours Into Layers

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If i have a design which has 6-8 colours in it.

How do i seperate all these colours into layers so as that i can print out the films to burn onto my screens.

Do i have to select every colour by hand??

I see so many different screenprinted t-shirts with lots of colours and always wonder how they are done.

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The answer to your question will depend on which software you are using to start with. Then which type of format the artwork is in ie. JPG,EPS,CDR etc… Then it will also depend on the type of printing you want to do. 4 color or simulated or a press with enough screens to do all colors all give a wide range of color variables.

Hi Keith,

Most of the designs i do are used on Photoshop, and these can be in JPG format or PSD format.

I have previously done transfer prints, but am now looking to do 4-8 colour screenprinting.

Just wondering how to transform all those colours into printable layers.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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