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I have an opportunity on a plastisol 1 color run next week to test new product, so...

Looking for opinions on the Tultex 0202TC and 0213TC and 0214TC verses the Gildan 64000 series.
Price on the Tultex is KILLER. (And tear away tags. Nice)

Tultex quality at least the same or better?
Texture comparison?
Print the same?
Size comparison? (My supplier doesn't have measurements listed)

I've never used the Tultex, but am used to the Gildan 64000 series stuff which this should be comparable to???
I searched here but didn't see any specific comparison to the Gildan, only to AA, which I am not familiar with.

I'm mostly printing Gildan 5000 and 64000

I was going to run 5000's on this run, due to being cheaper than the 64000's, but I'm considering a cheaper alternative to the 64000

Hoping someone has experience with both ?

I would also like any recommendations of a cheaper alternative to the Gildan 5000

Thank you!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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