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Tulongg... Help po

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Hi Guys,

I wanted to start my customized tee business, I immediately bought a heat press machine via Ebay, its working properly fine... and then I also purchased TX100 and immediately installed CISS with sublimation ink... what happen was... My printer stopped running.. keeps getting an error no ink (something like that... :p) I then asked a technician what might be the problem and she said that the ink is not compatible with the printer itself and its already useless to fix or installed my printer with a new chips... anyways... its been a year that I haven't used my heat press and it seems like a waste of money already... I don't know where to start again with correct information... gadgets... advices.. don't know what to do... what should I do?

I want to continue my business to be honest I haven't printed anything since I started the idea and buying all the stuff that I Mentioned... hopefully meron sanang taga manila ang mag provide ng supplies.. from printer to ink and transfer paper staka wholesale shirt.. ^^

Thank you...
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