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Tuf Javelin help

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So we have a Tuf Javelin 8/6 and I was wondering if y'all could assist me in adjusting squuegee speed on station with flash back. I posted 2 pictures I hope they work one is black ink with minimal mess and the Orange ink is EVERYwhere. Any help would be awesome.


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slow down the speed on top but sometimes you cant really stop the flipping action if the head is not in use. just raise the pressure knob when u keep the squeegee on so its not flipping the ink on screen
Does this happens when the printing head is in "On" position or "Off"?
It dosent do it unless it's printing you can here it slam against the stopping point and that's how the ink gets everywhere.
So you are telling me that the printing storke is really fast (violent) and it hits the stopper with so much force that ink goes everywhere.
Did I get it right?
It is just that particular head or all of them? How is the movement of the flood stroke?
Flood stroke is smooth still a little violent at the end. I've only seen 4 heads working but out of those it is the only one. I've only been printing for 4 months but the professional said that's how it's been since he started so he left it.
But yes you are right sorry everything's rushed I'm still working.
OK. Last question:
Pay close attention to the print stroke--- Does the print stroke has a slight hesitation at the beginning of the stroke? (I am pretty sure it's the case).
Yes it has almost a little twitch then prints
Ok. That's your problem! The bad news is there is no cure for it; it's a bad/weak air cylinder. The good news is that those are not too expensive and easy to replace. If you have an adjustable wrench and a screw driver you can do it. I'll be glad to walk you through it.
You can call me 864-579-4048.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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