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Tshirts with slim fitting sleeves

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I was looking for recommendations on tshirts that have slim fitting short sleeves? Most shirts have real baggy sleeves, which I don't think look good. And doesn't look good if you put a graphic on the sleeve. I was looking for shirts that have slim fitting sleeves that don't look all wavy, but fit kinda tight on the arm.

Though, I'd also need the shirts to be slim/fashion fitting as well as I don't like blocky looking shirts.

I've got some American Apparel 2001 shirts, and so far. They have the slimest sleeves compared to Anvil and other shirts I also have. But would like more suggestions as well.

I mainly do vinyl graphics.
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Do you want to source from China? Most of the factories can provide the T-shirt as per your request.
Uh, no. I just buy a couple of shirts at a time. Looking for off the shelf. Which I know there are off the shelf shirts with slim fitting sleeves. I just didn't want to buy random shirts to find out which ones.
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