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Is there a plug in or something for Corel Draw X5 to have blank tshirts to show your designs?

Thanks, Kathi
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Hi Kathi,

Just so I understand what you require: Do you want a t-shirt to appear in CorelDRAW and then have a logo placed on it to make a mockup or concept for a customer to approve? We support CorelDRAW files in Business Hub our quote & mock-up tool but it is not a plugin for a local version of Corel. It's all on the web.

I have some t-shirt vectors which you can insert and recolor in DRAW which I'm happy to send you if that will help.
Kathi, have you tried advancedtshirts.com - Design Base Free Stuff Tom has some easy to use Corel comps.You need to download the Design Base under products first
Thanks, I will check those sites out. And yes, I want to be able to do a mockup and show the customer.

Advancedt-shirts.com has one of the easiest to work from.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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