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Hey everyone. Been a member for a while but first time poster!
I've learnt a lot from this site and I'm only a couple of days away from ordering my first run of tees :)
I was going to use american apparel but about a month ago i realised getting these shirts plus having them printed in Australia is just far too expensive! So i decided to source from china. I got a sample sent and the t shirt seemed a bit thick..it was 190 gsm. I have asked to drop it to 160...will this make it a far bit thinner? It is also combed cotton so it should be decent quality yeah?
I also didn't like the neck but i have sent pictures with instructions of how i want it sewn so that's all sorted.
The only other question i have is the sizing. they use a standard european sizing where the 1/2 chest is as follows..
S - 52cm
M - 54cm
L - 56cm
XL - 58 cm

As i have no previous knowledge of t shirt sizing. I'm wondering if 2cm increments is enough?
Thanks in advance for any feedback :)

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Hi Jarrod,

maybe you could consider a fabric weight 140-150gsm, many fashion tees choose that, fabric weight is no business with the quality, but i'll say 160gsm is fine too, yes, combed cotton is a good quality fabric.

Actually, a good fit t-shirt need care about different measurements besides length+chest width. Plus, normally, the half chest width for standard Euro sizing is S-XL 50-56cm, so yours is bigger. Of course, there wasn't a limit for you to use any size chart more than a standard, you can define your own sizing so that your brand t-shirt cutting shape will be different from others.

Enjoy your time to stay in the forum.

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