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Tshirt qouting / managing software

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Hey guys,

Seems we have gotten much busier with the apparel side of things and are transitioning from doing just printed vinyl/cut vinyl to doing up screen printed transfers as many of our customers are looking for jobs that are just way too time consuming doing it cut vinyl.

So we have have invested in a two color station with exposure unit and plan to doing 1 and 2 color transfers, no room for a proper conveyor dryer or dealing with flash driers, so figured next best thing for us is to do transfers so can bang out the couple hundred transfers while waiting on my shirt order to come in and then just sit at the press and bang them out as needed.

Where im running into issues is i have been quoting everything off the top of my head hard to really have a price list, and my customers are all over some messages through social media, some through email, text etc..

So looking to make life easier and looking to streamline a bit more and was looking for options to where i can maintain my customers perferablly online so i can access and qoute from anywhere, be able to qoute the customer, send the customer a proof and invoice them from the same place, all while being able to track the jobs outstanding and such..

its gotten to a point where i could get a message on facebook tell the customer 20 shirts for $5 each being a simple word on a shirt and them say awesome and a week later they are looking to pick up the order lol

Any suggestions?. if there is something out there that would work with both apparel and signage even better.

Michael lambert
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