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Hey all... complete tshirt newb here looking for a little direction and help, if anyone would be so kind.

Looking for what I'm hoping would be a one-stop-shop to order/print up shirts.

What I want: 50 poly 38 cotton and 12 rayon tshirts (nice quality kind of form fitted t's)

the print: I have no idea what kind of print it is, as I understand there are MANY.. but I don't want the design to be a big thick rubbery transfer on the shirt. I want it to be smooth, like its part of the shirt type of transfer.

That being said, any advice on where to get the shirts, and have them manufactured with my designs? Also a must would be a transfer in the back/inside for label info and what not. thanks! QUALITY!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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