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What are some of the biggest issues you have as a tshirt printing business? Software, business, paperwork, printing??? Whatever the issue, these forums are for solving problems. I'd love to see how this industry can be strengthened!

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i think a lot of it is education, not only the nuts-and-bolts of screen printing, or whatever method you use, but how to run a business effectively. while a lot of it is just plain old-fashioned common sense, some of it isn't (and this is where your friendly gov't sticks their nose into it most of the time, just making things harder and more cornfuddling).

probably the single biggest issue, particularly with new brands, is simply being under-funded. too many people get into it without the intention of ever dropping money into it now or later. lots of these guys need to buy a vowel... but they wouldn't buy it even if they could. websites, marketing, seo, advertising... all this costs money that they hope not to have to spend. and it's always the same dream they have, of facebook somehow miraculously trumping everything else, or some far-flung marketing scheme that doesn't cost much, if anything, paying off big time.

so, i would say education and money are two of the main problems the industry has.

another huge issue is marketing. not only is it misunderstood, it's generally ignored by a lot of brands (in particular) and shops.

lack of good software is something i'm grappling with right now. sure, i really want accurip, but i have other things to take of first (seeing as how my flash dryer bit the big tuna recently).
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