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Trying to Turn Dreams into Reality

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Im trying to start my own tee shirt line, as many of you guys probably are. I've been wanting to do this for years. I have about 75 tee shirt ideas. Im just about finished with the logo, but I still have to find designers, printing suppliers and create a business plan.

Needless to say I have a lot to accomplish before I can start selling tees. I live in Chicago, and Im trying to give a breath of fresh air into hip hop tees.

Im thankful there is a site like this to answer many of my questions, and hopefully after time I will be able to lend my help to starting companines.

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Hey Roger.
Welcome to the forums. Good luck with your brand!
Hi Roger,

Glad to have you in the forum, enjoy here!

big roger, snatch you a job as a screen printer, and if your a smart guy, in a year you'll know what you need to do. don't ever bite the hand that feeds you though, or fed you. as in, don't compete with the guys that trained you. in my humble opinion, you shouldn't.
The hand that feeds you can actually also be the hands that benefited from your service. In today's competitive world, I think the biting should depend on how you are hand fed and how much you cherish your dreams. I am not saying that this is moral or proper. Just that I see it everywhere, employee turning competitor. It just seems to be how things are these days.

If Roger is going to compete with his ex boss, and if his boss has been good to him, he does need to think twice about it. But whatever his decision, well, we all need to make tough decisions once in a while. If I am the good boss, I won't really be happy but that's life.

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