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Hi all,

This is my first post on the site, so I apologize if it is not in the correct place! I am currently in pre-production stages of my apparel company and I am trying to figure out how to price-in the embroidery that I will need done on my shirts!

Firstly, I will be most likely using 100% pima to make these shirts. The first tech pack is being created currently, and I am very excited to create the first samples. These shirts will have a 2 different areas where they will be embroidered. One area on the front and one area on the back. Nothing crazy, just letters and numbers. Both embroidery areas will be around 2x2 inches, with the only actual embroidery being slim letters and numbers (I hope this makes sense). In essence, I am not embroidering anything major.

A few questions would be:

1.) Do companies typically embroider shirts after the shirts themselves have already been manufactured? For example, I could use one factory to manufacture the shirts themselves in bulk and then work with an embroidery shop nearby to embroider after the fact?

2.) What should I expect to pay (per shirt) given the fact that the embroidery is only letters and numbers and only in 2 2x2 (inches) areas on each shirt?

Anyone who sees this and replies will be extremely helpful! I am taking everything one step at a time! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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Send your design to get digitized.
An easy one to get started with is Gunold, but there are many. Search this site for digitizer, there are some great threads here. Do NOT use the ones that bait you. They will harass you for the rest of your life.
Then you will have exactly what you want in a file format.
You will then know the stitch count, which is what the embroidery folks will want.
Working with a local shop will work well in the long run as you will have a relationship that is important. You will learn a lot from them as your line grows.
We do this for an apparel company and it works great for us and them.
Price will depend on stitch count, number of placements and quantity.
And, telling the embroidery shop that you are going to do ten million pieces a week will not impress them. Tell them how many your first order will be. They will work with you as you grow.
We do as low as $4 for small things on an easy placement for a customer who sends us a few thousand a year and has them delivered. We don’t have to fold in a particular style or count them or separate by size. And they pay within two weeks.
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