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Trying to make a decision and I need help

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Hello all,
I am trying to branch out a bit on my custom items and would like to add a print set up but too much info in my brain right now. I am trying to decide between a wf 1100 with a dye sub set up or a set up with inks for cotton shirts but now the self weeding paper for laser printers looks good. I already own a cutter and heat press so I am looking for another way to offer custom tees. These would be short runs to one of a kinds. My thought was to try and purchase 2 Epsons and have two ink set ups so I am not limited to Cotton or Poly.
If anyone has any suggestions on what I would get the most use out of or the best bang for my buck I would really appreciate it. I think I have read every post on this forum at least twice but think it just breaks down to something like a Ford Chevy kind of thing if you get what I mean.

Thank you,
Karen in MA
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