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Trying to find Anvil 923 White/Carolina Blue Ringer

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This ringer is being discontinued by Anvil and I use it as a blank for one of my best selling designs. If you know of a vendor that carries this, please whisper in my ear so I can patronize them ASAP! I only know of one vendor and they only have it in S and L.

Many thanks to my old friends for the help, I'm sorry I've been a stranger lately -- but I'm actually Dr. Stranger now!

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I found anvil 923 at jiffyshirts.com in white/royal but not carolina blue.
Thanks for looking, Mike. The white/royal blue is still being made by Anvil, so I have plenty in stock. Basically I'm trying to stock up on all the Carolina Blue I can before it disappears!
Unfortunately I've spent way too much time lately tracking down ringer tees..... not sure if they'll have the color left in stock, but I do know that Heritage Sportswear, Staton, and Alpha/Broder all carry that shirt.

Good luck in your quest!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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