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I will be purchesing equipment to print out of my garage... if you all can please help me to insure i make the right choice and dont blow my money i would greatly appreciated it.

thank you all

i found this on craigslist, is it a good deal??
Screen printing business for sale, CHEAP

For sale, a complete turn-key screen printing shop for textile (t-shirts) posters, and more.

Nationwide screen printing 2 station 4 color press, w/ spot dryer w/ micro adjustments. the dryer runs on 110.
Atlas 6 foot conveyor dryer w/ 3 heating elements, all in excellent working condition. The dryer runs on 220.
National Screen printing 33"x48" Vacuum Frame (for burning professional quality screens), with good glass, good light, etc. The Vacuum frame runs on 110.
21 frames 20x24 or larger (almost all aluminum)
Ulano 1 part emulsion
8 gallons of Rutland / Wilflex plastisol (tiger white, black, red,
green, blue, yellow, etc)
5 quarts various colors
16 paddles/squeegies, various sizes and durometers
scoop coater
various cans of heat tack, scorch remover, etc
various sized black and white t-shirts (probably at least 200 pieces)
stencil remover
7 platens of various sizes for printing sleeves, windbreakers, various sized shirts, sweat pants, etc...

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That seems ok. But the press is a little small, so is the dryer. I would check digitsmith and see what you can find. I bought my setup for half of that and got a 6 color 6 station press!! I didn't get a conveyor dryer and found one on Ebay for a great deal. You have to start somewhere.... In today's economy with shops closing often you can find a great deal if you have the time to look for one.

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The Ad says $4,000.

You can buy a 4 color 2 station manual press from Ryonet (www.SilkScreeningSupplies.com) for a lot less. Then buy a Exposure unit for about $300 to $350. Flash Dryer for $350, and Conveyor for $1500.

So about $3,000 brand new. You could even ask for a free training class. They'll also through in videos.
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