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I am making 50 shirts for a flag football tournament. We have about 2-3 tournaments a year so I would be only making 100-150 shirts. I am not interested in making a business out of this so I know these are the cheap ones for a reason. I just thought I would ask if anyone here had any experience with them and which I should go for. I am looking to spend under $400.

TransPro 15X15 for Applying T-Shirt Heat Press Transfers - Pro World

HPN Black Series 15"x15" High Pressure Heat Press Machine

Up to this point I have just been creating my own stencil and going to the fabric store to by fabric spray paint. While this is fairly cheap it is extremely time consuming. I was hoping this initial cost which is a lot for me, could help cut down the time and improve the quality.
Thanks for any insights you have:)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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