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TrueSelf Clothing

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Hi everyone, my name is Jonathan Ash and im Starting my own line of T-shirts called TrueSelf Clothing. Located in Rochester NY. My website is www.Trueselfclothing.com We offer Fresh new T-shirt designs with a new age twist. Through our motto " True reality exists within yourself ", We encourage everyone to believe in yourself and trust in your inner guidance I look forward to speaking to all of your and sharing information and advice about the T-shirt industry etc.
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I would have checked you out but I was on my iPad and since it's flash iPad and iPhone toting customers are out and I doubt they will remember to check back when they are on their laptops. At minimum you need to forward people to a flash free, less intensive m.trueself......com site to capture these customers. Self actualization can occur on apple and mobile products as well. :)

My two cents. Toss them in a well and make a wish.
My apologies. Btw, welcome to the site. I didn't notice that my first response was to your intro message. Poor form on my part. There are good people here and good info as well if you spend the time sifting through the wealth.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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