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True rookie seeking your veteran help.kick me down with game!

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I want to start my own tshirt business.
I want good quality printing.
I want to be able to print on all color shirts including dark jet black shirts.
What do I need?
for now I have a 16*20 Heat Press. :D

I literally just started this week,I heard the only way to get a good quality transfer paper is to send them out to get printed. I want to do my own designs,print them on my own transfer paper, and press them myself. Is that possible?:confused: Am I "doin To much"?

Help a Guppie out.. I want to be a shark in this game but first I need game kicked down to me.
What do brands like Young And Reckless,Diamond Supply, Supreme ect, use to print their shirts?

I was thinking of buying a DTG printer,or can I get the same quality with: heat transfer paper and a heat press?
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You can never equal a print from inkjet transfer with a DTG print. If you have 18K to 30K USD you too can do it. I have yet to sees an inkjet transfer for dark shirts that I would even let on my shop. I suggest you have a lot of reading here. Your questions are too vague. For DTG, You will need to print 20 to 30 shirts a day to cover your investment
How much do you charge for a DTG shirt? I only ask because I screen print exclusively and 20 to 30 shirts per day seem crazy low to me.. but I realize they print slower and the whole process is different

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You can do more than the 20-30 a day with DTG. I mention that as a guide just to cover purchase and maintenance. DTG is slower than screen print once you have the screens ready. For CYMK time to print and cure is about 3 minutes. For dark it is more than double that since you to pretreat then play down the white before printing the color then cure
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