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Troubles with printer

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Ok so I just brought an epson 1800 ink jet printer and used it a couple of times, but now I cannot get ink to run through onto the paper/transparency. Well there are some black ink spots that come out sometimes. Is there anything I can do, or do I have to find another printer. I think it is the print head. Any help is welcome.

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Did you try running a "Nozzle Check " these printers need to be run regularly or the ink nozzles seem to clog .
Might just need to clean the heads .
or if the red ink light comes on , you will have to replace a cartridge .
I ran the nozzle check and all of that stuff. Is there a way to clean the nozzles my self?
yes you can clean the print heads :
1) Make sure the printer is on and make sure letter size paper is loaded in the printer .
2)WINDOWS- Right click the printer icon on the tool bar. Select Head Cleaning .
MACINTOSH - Open the application folder and select EPSON Printer Utility2. Select SP1400 Series in the printer list , click OK , then select Head Cleaning .
3) just follow the instructions on the screen .

4)The printer cleans the print head and the green power light flashes .
Takes about 2 minutes
If there are no gaps in the print pattern , click FINISH .
If there are gaps or faint lines , click CLEAN , and follow on screen instructions
Hope you solve your problem with this . Wouldn't want you too have to buy another printer if it's not necessary .
I have done all of this and it still has nothing coming out.
in that case , try cleaning 3 or 4 more times and if there's know improvement , turn the printer off for 6 hours to allow the dried ink to soften .
Then try to clean again .
Good luck !
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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