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Trouble with TransPro

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I have two questions about TransPro presses.

First, has anyone else replaced the knob on their 3-in-1 TransPro mug press with the metal one? If so, have you done 15 ounce mugs on it successfully? The spacer on the replacement metal knob is longer than the rubber one, and I haven't been able to do a 15 ounce mug since. When I complained, they sent a "replacement" knob where the bolt had been cut off, but they destroyed the threads while cutting it and the bolt wasn't the issue in the first place, the spacer was. I just wanted to see if anyone else had found a workaround for this.

Second, I have the 16x20 TransPro swinger. Even with the pressure all the way tightened, I can feel it getting looser and looser. I have had several shirts returned already due to peeling vinyl, so I bought a 3/8" pad, which helped for about a week, then I could feel the pressure loosening again. Bought another pad, same thing happened. I saw with different swinger brands, the bolt holding the handle to the platen can be adjusted, but I can't find anything on the TransPro. Has anyone made any adjustments to this?

Any help in advance is so much appreciated. I'm so tired of not being confident in my products, and I can't send the presses in for repairs and just be without a press for however long repairs take.
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I believe our technician has been responding to your email and will assist with these unusual problems.
Yes, I'm in discussions with the technician. Like I said in my post, though, I can't send the presses in to be repaired, so I was hoping to find someone who had experienced similar issues who had advice.
I spoke to our technician and he is sending out replacement new machines to you tomorrow. He said he will be sending call tags so all you have to do is pack your machines in the new machine boxes and the UPS driver will pick them up. This is the first we have heard of these problems so don't want you to burdened with attempted repairs.
Thank you SO MUCH Ed. I appreciate it!!!!
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