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Has anyone here used the heat transfer material
siser colorprint new

Link to spec sheet

It has a paper backing paper.

Im trying it for the first time and i am having a nightmare of a time with the backing paper splitting and sticking to the transfer.
It is taking me a lot longer to clean up

Weeding was easier, prints awesome, jsut the backing paper is killing me

any advice to help weed it and to stop this from happening.

Its not just splitting along the cut lines, it split int he centre of a large graphic aswell.

but mostly along the edges.

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I just tried some colorprint yesterday although it is the PU. What do you mean by backing paper splitting and sticking to the transfer."

Do you have a picture of the backing that has splitted?

When you place the transfer tape on the colorprint the image and the backing will stick to the transfer tape. You rub on the image area so that when you remove the backing. The image will remain on the transfer tape. Is this what you did?

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Sorry to hear you are having trouble with the ColorPrint II.

The carrier on our ColorPrint II is paper. It's very important that you cut through the media but do not score the paper. If you an see an outline of your image on the paper when you are transferring the image with the tape then you are cutting too deep. Make sure you are using the correct transfer tape as well. We recommend the ColorPrint Mask I with this material. If you are still having a problem, please contact me so we can find a solution. Kathleen 440-665-5576.

I suggest that you get a sample of our ColorPrint PU to try.
Most materials on a polyester carrier are easier to work with because the cutting depth is more forgiving. We have a new material that is thin with a lot of elasticity called ColorPrint PU. This requires the ColorPrint Evolution Mask.

Happy Printing!!
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