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Trouble with lettering

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When I use light transfers, it's absolutely easy to do lettering. Just peel away the white and press while it's still on the sheet...

Darks however, I found that I have to peel the letters off and place them by hand. Sometimes the lettering will begin to curl up and stick to it's own backing. It's absolutely impossible. These are little letters too.

Is there a such thing as transfer sheets for dark colors that operate the same as transfers for whites? Simply mirror print and peel away the white while the images ares till on the sheet?
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Probably not. The reason why the dark transfer paper is different is because inkjet inks are translucent so you need the white film as a canvass. The coating for the light transfer papers is transparent as opposed to the white film for dark transfer paper which is opaque.

To solve your problem, all you need to do is get some kind of transparent mask or tack. The tack will hold your letters in place and keep them flat. The mask or tack is what sign printers use to position their lettering, except it sometime is not transparent
edit: oh can you lead me to this tack? it won't melt or rip the ink off the transfer? i'm in dire need of it :eek:
Many of the vendors on the left sell tack/mask (including us). You can request a sample to try.

I think it is best to test yourself unless you are ordering from the same vendor for both the papers and tack.
Most of Vendors should have some type of tack or transfer paper that you could use, plus we do carry a few of these.
Hi again. Would this be the correct stuff? I hope so, I'm just about ready to buy.


Recap: It's to transfer words directly over to the shirt so I don't have to peel 1 letter at at ime and place it on the shirt. Also, am I supposed to iron over the tape? (with the parchment paper) ??
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