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Trouble with Kiosk 3

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We just finished a run of 200 shirts and everything went well. Cleaned the machne and now we are getting an error messages. First 001 so I adjusted the lock switch sensor bar and now Error = 002....another large run to do.....PLEASE HELP!!
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sounds like the waste pad counter may need to be reset OR open the clear lid, look for a red and blue twisted wire, follow it left to where it ends at a switch with a silver lever, this lever should be above the white plastic, if its below, move it to the top. All else fails, contact your dealer.

I own a K3 as well. When you cleaned the machine did you initiate the manual clean?

If so, then then chance is that something was out of place when the timer expired.

The wiper blade is an easy one to forget to put back. That can cause the sequence to fail.

If you search in this forum for CR lock errors you will find alot of good info on how to set it back into sequence.

Since you already know where the CR lock switch is at, just make sure it is positioned properly above the plastic rod.

Read the suggestions previously posted. They should help.

Good luck!
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Did Claude get things taken care of for you?
Bill and Claude think it may be a motherboard issue so one is on it's way.
It seems like there isn't a signal going to the print head.
Thanks to everyone for their help. We replaced the motherboard which cured one problem, then I adjusted the CR Lock which cured another and finally last week I had to adjust the switch which senses where the platen is...anybody need a technician. If I may make one suggestion, some of the parts need to be heavier. The springs in the switches are lght duty and should be bumped up.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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