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I'm beyond frustrated. I bought the Ryonet DIY kit. Today I'm trying to run some test prints to see how things will go before doing Tshirts. I can't seem to get off contact to work. Normally you've got a platen that's as long as the frame you're working with so that you can do off contact, correct? Well, the frame they give you (and I bought several aluminum frames of different sizes and mesh counts) is a 16 x 20, and the platen provided is 14 x 14. Is there anything I can do? I really don't want to have to fork over more money to get larger platen right off the bat.

My primary issue is that I'm not getting enough pressure on the squeegee, even at 45 degrees to pull the ink in one pass. When I place the screen down again after checking the ink desposit, it's not lining up to the same spot. Everything's tightened down, but there's still some extra give on the arm end and I cannot maintain the off contact. Ugh... any advice?
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