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trouble chargin 7 color job 2 locations plus custom names

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I have a client that recently brought me a Job and at the moment I'm having trouble finding the right price so I am going to give you my pricing list and let see what you guys think:

Artwork Only: 150.00
Screen Charge: 65.00
Print per location 7 colors ( full back/crest): 8*2=16
Custom name (tranfers): 3.50
Gildan 50/50 sport grey blank: 6.00

This is a deal for a 100+++ t-shirts. That will be a total of 25.50 per shirt and it seems a little too much for a customer and the problem is this job is for a radio station and the last time they order some from me was more than 2000 pieces all together at that time was a 1 color job.
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That's a nice job! Can you reduce the amount of colors by using simulated process? Can you charge them your cost for the blanks and just make your profit on the printing? Also maybe you can work out a deal that you take a certain % off the price in exchange for some advertising time on the radio station?
I think your garment charge is a little high. 17-22.00/pc seems a little more in line.
LOL Already try :( but it seems the air time is fair expensive :-/...Anyways I already try the simulated process but they didn't like it much instead I printed a sample of a finish shirt with all 7 spot colors and the individual names , They loved it and they are taking my sample to the actual manager, I was thinking in give them a break on the shirts lowering my cost to 4 ;-) after the 101+ shirts. but I need an opinion on the pricing what do you guys think?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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