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I can't seem to find much, really any, info on this press and was hoping someone might have some feedback on the: TransPro Select Auto Plus 16X20 Heat Press

I am looking at this press because I want: auto open, pull out drawer and 16x20 platen.

I would absolutely love to buy the Hotronix Fusion but nearly $2k is just outside the budget right now. What I need this for - I volunteered to sublimate 500 shirts before end of month. Yes, I'm probably in over my head since this is all new to me, but my husband's Battalion had a pretty major tragedy recently and the BN spouses are organizing a fundraiser for those affected. Two other spouses offered to split the cost of the shirts with me, but all the other costs are on me which means I need to keep my costs as low as possible, without having it break on me mid-run. And I will be getting no profit from these shirts because the money is going to help a few families (yes, I know it's a terrible business decision financially but it's also the right thing to do IMNSHO).

I have been dragging my feed on buying all my sublimation equipment so now I'm in a bit of a rush to get together everything I need and get moving. I only say this because I anticipate getting a lecture on needing to invest in the better equipment upfront but I have to work with what I can get within my budget and quickly.

I am open to other machines but I've read these forums a dozen times over and I'm leaning towards the ProWorld Auto, but I just can't seem to find any reviews or feedback on it. I can't even find a youtube video showing it in use. So any feedback on the machine that someone might have would be greatly appreciated :)
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