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TransPro Heat Press for Hoodies

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*** I posted this earlier but I think I should have put it in this category. Please forgive me if its still not in the right place, I'm a newbie! :)

After lurking on this awesome forum for a couple weeks I think I am finally ready to get my feet wet and ask a question! I've read and read but can't find anything specific on any of the TransPro clamshell presses from PoWorld and hoodies. I know its better to have a swingaway if you are going to be doing thicker items. I'm just not sure how thick "thick" is. For now, I'll only be doing tshirts and hoodies. Has anyone done hoodies on these machines? Or is a swingaway necessary to do a good transfer on to a hoodie?

Also, how bad is the burn factor on the clamshells? And how bad is it to work under the heat? I am debating the 15x15 vs 16x20 just for the sake of being able to make sure I have things straight. Thanks for any help anyone can offer!
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