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TransPro 15x15 Heat Press - Enough Pressure for Jet Pro Soft Stretch?

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Just one of the problems I keep reading about for people using Jet Pro Soft Stretch with pigment inks ...is that the pressure is usually to blame for poor results...

So am just wondering if the TransPro has produced good quality results?

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Yes it is. Ed from Proworld Inc sells that product and he's on this board quite often.

You don't need much pressure for JPSS. In my experience, the pressure issues have been with Custom Transfers. I know people have had issues, but it could be related to their in-experience.
Ah thats great.

I actually sent them an email earlier (more to do with their transfers for colour tshirts) but just wanted a bit of independednt advice for this. Actually just looking through the posts I can see he answers pretty much all the questions thrown at him which is good to know..


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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