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Just wondering if there's a company in the industry that sells transfers strictly to wholesalers and not open to the public as most of us are wholesalers and reselling to end users.
I did reach out to transfer Express but they sell to the public, everybody not good for me. As what I was told in a roundabout way.
I do embroidery and silk screening promotional products. I would need some transfers to have in stock vs. screening small amount.
Thanks Robert

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I guess your right...but still it would feel better knowing they're strictly selling to wholesalers even end users could buy transfers and find somebody with a heat press get charge s small amount and bypass the mark-up that we would do.
Ok, thanks for your input. :)
My guess is, because it is such a non-issue, no transfer company bothers qualifying who's wholesale and who's not.

Same reason why ink companies, or heat press companies, or cut vinyl companies don't require a wholesale license either.
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