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Hi to all, Im new to this site and based in Brisbane, Australia.
I have a few question and it seems like this would be the place to ask them.

I have recently bought a heat press, epson R350 printer and bought a set of sublimation inks to go with my printer, only after this did i realise that i cannot print on black.

From what i have been reading, I need to get myself some pigment inks and transfer paper. I will be selling the shirts online and want something that looks professional. Most of my current designs are easy shapes to cut out.

Does anyone have experience with "Ultra G Chrome Max" pigment inks?

Is my best option to use opaque paper for my designs and just cut around?

I know these questions have probably all been answered before but there is a lot of contradicting information.

I have never made a shirt before so please make this a simple to understand as possible.

Thanks in advance.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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