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Transfer sizes....

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Based on the threads I've been reading, most are using smaller printers and transfers for their shirts. I will be making bigger prints because within the Hip Hop communities of Northern Cali this is what the kids are buying. They want shirts with huge images, nothing smaller than 11x14 and most are wearing them in 2x and bigger. I only make this statement because the printers I'm seeing being used cannot support 16x20. See this site to see what I mean. aliaushi.com
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I just took an oder today for a design I came up with for a Kiosk that sells hip hop shirts in the mall. . He only ordered xlarge to 4 x.. Was I surprised. No med. or larges..
My point exactly badalou they like the bigger shirts, so are you using 81/2x11, 11x14 or bigger? And if bigger, what printer do you print on?
you can make (this is art max size) 10x12, 12x14, 12x18, 25x28 size transfer sheets. :D
I was luck as it was a street sign which worked for him. If was anything else he would not have gone with it because the bigger size. However if the first order does work then he will go with a screen print of the design and get a higher quantity and I will go with First Edition on a 12 x 12:)


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Lou, the art looks like it has 3 colors. May be use 1 as a clear color to save you money, so it would be 2 colors.

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