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Transfer question

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What type of printer do i need in order to print out heat transfers in colors? Like the ones from transfer express that come in a plastic transfer . Thanks anyone
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Transfers require specialty ink not found in most printers. Most Epson printers have it from the factory. C88+ for transfers no larger than 8X10. Workforce models for larger.
So the c88 will do those transfers? N where do i get the transfer paper ? Any suggestions would help.

What i want to be able to do is lets say a customer sends me a graphic that they just want printed n stamped but looks and feels good, like logos for sport teams which us my area
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Good Day,
The Type of Transfer, that Transfer Express produce's, is a Screen printed Transfer, not a transfer than is printed with a Ink Jet Printer, The quality of a screen printed transfer, is like Direct Screen printing right on to the t-shirt. Ink Jet Transfer are for promo t-shirt, one offs, something that does not require Longevity.
Not the same quality.
Good Luck, Ace
Some people call them Custom Plastisol Transfers, but they're screen printed.

Inkjet transfers may look good when you first print them and but many of us don't see them once we send them to the customer. Unless of course they call back and complain. Out of thousands we've only had one. However, I don't recommend selling them unless a customer wants a picture.

We've printed tens of thousands or screen printed transfers and screen printed t-shirts.
I. Dont think i explained myself good, what i meant was the transfers that have a clear backing that u peel then lay in the garment n press n then peel it off. I think they r called cad prints!
Be careful in printing team logos or any protected images without permission
That's Garment Vinyl. Like Siser or Thermo Flex Pro. Other's like Quickflex, and Vector. All might have sign vinyl too so you need to make sure it's for Garments/t-shirts.
No those are team logos that i do for teams or leagues, its nothing copyrighted.
Thanks selanac i will research and figure out how to print them and what equipment i need
No those are team logos that i do for teams or leagues, its nothing copyrighted.
Off course they are copyrighted.....Every thing is as soon as it is created...Now it may turn out that whoever you are doing the work for, also owns the copyright in which case you will okay....That is so long as they have not infringed on someone else's intellectual property along the way....
But im making them from scratch
I believe he's saying, the teams come to him and ask them to print them.

You need a cutter, or contact a Custom screen printing Transfer company to make them for you. Hint hint.

Sign companies as well as screen printers hint hint, can cut them for you if they have a cutter, and Garment Vinyl.
I think that you're talking about CadPrintz transfers done on a Roland.

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It's a Roland VersaCamm eco-solvent inkjet cutter/printer.
Something to consider about "outsourced" versus DIY transfers is suppliers like Stahls do extensive R&D....IMO this means their inks, papers, etc. are not off the shelf products and will typically perform better than DIY stuff....I could be wrong but that is what I think after doing transfers for decades....
I just want something i can print myself for late rush jobs. I was also looking at a gcc 24 lx
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