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Transfer Question - what kind of transfer would you put on Safety Green t-shirts?

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What type of transfer do you recommend to put
on safety green t-shirts.

I would appreciate any suggestions.

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You could use plastisol transfers, vinyl transfers, and probably opaque inkjet transfers for dark garments.
Hi Sandy . . .

I'm using JPSS transfer paper . . the shirts are gildens G8000
I'll being doing another set this evening . . if I remember to take my camera to the shop
I'll take a picture . . .

after washing . . the feel is soooooooo soft . .

Would say Vinyl or Iron all for darks, what with it been green its a dark colour even if its a bright green and if you try useing any other paper other than for darks then you wont get the clarity and colours will be all messed up.
Vinyl is realy good, i use that on darks also and never had any issues.
What makes this shirt "safety" green? Does that mean the shirt is vibrant or do you need reflective print applied to it?
For safety shirts, I would apply reflective vinyl. This can be the standard bands on arms, X across the back or lettering.
This the "Safety Green" I thought Sandy was speaking of . ..



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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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