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Transfer Papers

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I'm relatively new to t shirt printing and brand new to this forum:)

I dont like the 'plastic' feel to transfers on a garment. I have only created children's t shirts so far, but would love to try adult sizes at some point. However i would like a more 'softer' feel to the image on t shirts.

Is there a transfer that can be used to lift just the image from, lets say regular printer paper and then transfer to the garment?
Or is there a transfer with a more transparent look to it rather than the white ones you can buy, which are the ones i have been creating with.
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Good question. I have been using Transferwear for Darks and it feels like plastic.
There are some new transfer papers for color
laser. Search the forum for "image clip".
Also do the same on YouTube.
most all of the transfer paper for darks will have that plastic feel as you need that white underbase opaque paper that you print your ink onto to adhere to the shirt itself, whereas on paper for light garment only the ink is being transfered.
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Thank you for the replies. Since posting this thread, i have spent a lil time reading through the forum and im up to speed with transfer types etc.

Thanks again, the help is much appreciated.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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