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transfer paper samples

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I am looking for inkjet heat transfer paper for both white and dark shirts but would like to get a couple of samples to try before purchasing a large quantity. First, what recommendations do you have for a good paper and second, are there any places that sell just a few sheets of a paper so I can try it first to see if I like it.
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Most any seller will sell sample packs. Try transferpapershack.com
Thank you ! Does anyone have any suggestions as to what is the best transfer paper available - especially for dark shirts ?
I've been using ironall for years..light & dark..excellent results.
Thank you very much - I will see if I can buy a sample of that.
I bought a few sheets of several differnt types when I got my heatpresss from Sunie. About $2 a sheet though.
32R, was there one type you liked over the others ?
I use on my lights JPSS and just tried Elasti-jet from Conde systems. I like both and perform almost identical.
Elasti jet streches just a little more.
I called and requested samples of it from them and they were sent out N/C . They do offer a sample pack that they charge for too and that may contain more items .
Don't know yet, will get it in the mail on thursday! :)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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