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Transfer Paper not FULLY transfering

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I am a total Newbie to heat presses and transfer paper. Per Pro World we bought the CL- trim free paper for laser jet and for light t-shirts.

followed all the directions, did 20 or so light blue tees with fairly good results...this morning I tried to do a lightweight white cotton Carter's onesie and the transfer is not fully transferring. It looks as if it's a vintage design which is not what I want.

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Is the onsie from a retail store?.....If so it might fabric protection on it and that can cause grief at times....
its from carter's bought from rainbow (a closeout type store)...is there a way to know if it has the protection on it? if it does have the protection, can I don anything about it? ive already gone through 6 oneises and none are near perfect...
Sometimes if you splash a drop of water on them you can see if it repels the water.....

And if there is a finish, it may be a losing battle....If you have to buy retail, you may have to test a bunch to get to one that will work....
lets assume its not coated...what else can be done to get a perfect (or better transfer)

heat is set to 340, transfer was printed on heavy mode, tension is pretty tight on lever on press...
If your transfers work on one garment and not another, it does not sound like a transfer issue....
is there a good place to buy blank white onesies from that wont give me this issue?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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