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transfer paper feel?

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do they make transfer papers that have the feel of screen printed shirts? or are all transfer papers the same when it comes to feel? what are some good types of transfer paper for feel and durability? thanks.
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All transfer papers are not the same as far as feel or durability. I assume you are using an inkjet printer? For years, the standard has been transjet II paper. Within about the past year, ironall/miracool paper has came out. These are the two best papers in my opinion.

Transjet II will fade slightly less after repeat washings, however has a plasticy feel to it before washing. After washing, most of the plasticy feel goes away.

Miracool/ironall feels like it is part of the fabric. The thing with this paper is that it is very finicky. It is thick, and will cause your printer jam occasionally. It doesn't absorb ink well, so you have to set it aside and let it dry for a while. You cant stack sheets on top of each other, or little pieces of the design will flake off.

personalizedsupplies.com sells both papers. They call the transjet II paper "magic jet" paper. They are the cheapest company for transfer paper that I have found.
Also do research into using color laser printers (CLP) or copiers and dye sublimation inks. Information at dyesub.org Startup is more expensive than inkjet.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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