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Transfer Paper Dark UK

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Hi guy's.
Are there any good suppliers in the uk at fair price for transfer paper for darks. Iron all etc.

Many thanks. Lee :)
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3g jet opaque. How does this compare to ironall??? Worth trying the 10 pack out!!

Many thanks
Many of Us using .In my privat opinon is geting beat hard after You heat transfer. If You browse DOMGOLOBAL (Im not prefere them as a trader but...) they got opaque paper is much softer after heat proces .2 of them are keep colour after washing .Try to buy sample option from Yolo b4 you decide .You will get diferend papers for £6.99 i thing .
3G Jet-Opaque has a softer hand than many other inkjet papers for darks. I agree with FlyTech that the sample pack is worth a try + silicone sheets are included within this - http://www.yolo.co.uk/inkjet-sample-pack-12-p.asp

To pull up old thread LOL.

I purchased a pack of Jet opaque from YOLO. Heat pressed as instruction. Looked nice. But like a lump of cardboard on the chest.

With ironall and the like , you can hot peel then stretch a little while warm. This gives a softer feel and prevents cracking.

Any ideas for softer feel with yolo??

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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