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Hi Experts,
I've been scouring the forums to figure out the best transfer paper to use for a project I need to complete in the next two weeks. I am an amateur at heat-transfers and just dabble for my own use.

The project: Royal Purple cotton t-shirts with small graphic on the front "pocket" and large image on the back. The graphic is black ONLY with a large amount of empty space within the printed area. I will be using the same image on light lavendar canvas bags.

The problem: I'm very worried about the empty space within the image as the transfer plasticky stuff will really show on the dark purple cotton.

What is the best paper for the job? I have access to an inkjet printer or a laser printer for 8.5x11 sheets. I have also found a place to borrow a heat press if I need it.

1. Because my graphic is only black & clear (kind of like a cartoon drawing) would I be able to get away with transfer paper meant for light colored fabrics? My intuition tells me the plastic wouldn't show as much - not as thick?
2. Should I use the Joto TrimFree Paper? Or perhaps the PAROPY Inkjet Dark Print-n-Cut?

I don't have the budget or the time to experiment with lots of different products and combinations. I can't even waste one of the t's or bags!

Ideally there is an at-home solution for inkjet paper that could be ironed on...

Help! If I don't figure this out quick I'll be buying Avery T-Shirt Transfers and ironing them at home.

Thank you! Any and all advice is very very welcome.

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I think the trim free or image clip dark.
Here is my trim free shirt:


Was that done with inkjet or laser? On the print itself I see laser. Is the trim free and/or image clip dark paper just for laser or is either available for inkjet? - Loretta;)
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