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Transfer Life Protective Laminate

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Question is, when you apply a printed paper/vinyl or subli heat transfer, what is the laminate you can put over it to give the image a longer life/protection. See image attached, a solvent printed vinyl image, weeded, then some kind of laminate is placed on top when its pressed and provides a thin protective seal to it.

Should/can you do this to paper or subli transfer paper?
Is this a common method?

thanks scoff


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I think I've sussed this now, I reckon its a sort of a carrier film, as the image is solvent printed right facing, the weeded, then another piece of film applied to the top and the back film removed, the top film then holds the vinyl in place on t shirt, then is peeled away also?

I suppose what I am trying to find out in a round about is, is there any method people use of either spraying or applying some kind of extra protection to the transfer? be it paper or vinyl .

If they are printed properly and cared for in proper manner no protectant should be needed
Hi, just to update I found out what it was... Its silicone sheets, used to protect during heat pressing.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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