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can someone please help me with this question?

i would like to take 3 separate images off of 3 different indivisible pictures... 1 image from each picture ...and combine all 3 images into one picture

Example : i have 3 separate indivisible pictures each picture has one person on each one of them ...lets say ( picture #1) is of my son ...and ( picture #2 ) is of my husband and ( picture #3 )is of myself....i would like to take ( pic #1 ) & ( pic #2 ) and take my husbands & sons Image out of them out of their picture an background settings and add them to my picture basicly put them onto the picture with myself onto/into picture #3 with my background and myself on it etc ...as if it belongs there or as if the picture was taken that way originally.

what kind of graphic design program would i need for this to do this kind of work? and also can it be done ...and how would that work ?

would ( coral draw ) do this if so what number program 1-12 of coral draw would i need to purchase to do this kind of work ?

would ( inkscape.org ) do this ?

would ( gimp.org ) do this ?
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