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Transfer Express

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Hello Everyone,

I've seen all the lists of tranfer companies, but I was wondering if anyone can tell me specifically if they use transferexpress.com. I am expecting some samples soon and the web site and sales rep I talked to seemed user freindly. I just wondered how there pricing and quaility compares to some of the others. Any info would be helpfull.
Thanks, Matt
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depends how you use them. I would use them for their ready made designs from their idea book which I have. For custom I think their price is higher than First edition.

I use transfer express all the time. I agree its cheaper to use their designs in their idea book than to use your own custom designs. They do good work. I've used them for years off and on and only once did i have an issue but they credited me and all was well.

I've used them since 1987 (they were Weaver then) and never had a problem with them or their products.

Their hot peel is really good and a few years ago I tinkered with their metallic gold. Looked great on black and royal.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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