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Running has become one of America’s most popular sports, and this has resulted in countless running and race events held every weekend of the year throughout the United States. Transfer Express makes it easy to cater to race directors and organizations as well as the runners themselves with custom designs.

Not only do running or training groups like to identify themselves with a matching race-day shirt, but families and friends who train for a target race also want a special shirt that identifies them as a group to wear during and after the race. Create your own team name like Scrambled Legs, Happy Feet, or Team Diva.

Using online design software called Easy View, you can choose from full library of running-related designs in predesigned templates as well as a variety of typefaces. One or more designs can quickly be put printed out to allow customers to choose which they like best.

The approved design can be created as a screen printed or a full-color digital transfer depending on what type of shirt it will be adhered to and how many colors are in the design. With Easy Prints screen printed transfers, your one-color order ships the same day and there is only a five-piece minimum.

Transfer Express Inc. is a progressive company that manufactures custom, heat-applied garment transfers known as Easy Prints®. As the largest manufacturer of custom transfers in the world, Transfer Express provides a competitive edge to dealers of imprinted sportswear by producing imprinted garment graphics quickly and with great accuracy. For more information, contact Transfer Express at (800) 622-2280; e-mail: info@transferExpress.com or visit the Web site at www.TransferExpress.com.


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