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Transfer Express Adds New Colors To Elasti Prints® Champ Pro Numbers

Elasti Prints® Champ Pro Numbers, offered by Transfer Express, are now offered in six new single-color numbers and 12 new two-color numbers. The six new single colors include Columbia blue, gray, maroon, orange, purple and Vegas gold.

The new two-color combinations are black and white, gold and white, gray and white, navy and white, orange and white, red and white, royal and white, Vegas gold and white, white and black and white and red and red and navy.

Elasti Prints® Champ Pro Numbers are specifically designed for decorating heat-sensitive polyester uniforms. They adhere at only 300 degrees for 15 seconds and will not scorch or damage the fabric.

These screen printed transfers also stretch with the material providing maximum flexibility and movement for athletes during play. Numbers come printed on release paper that make them easy to line up and apply.

The one-color Champ Pro style comes in four sizes: 4 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch. Other stock colors are white, black, gold, navy, red, royal, and neon lime. There are three packages available. The smallest package has five of the same digits. The Express Pack has enough pieces to number two full teams (1 through 12) with some extras for a total of 60 digits.

A kit, which comes with a free storage box, contains 315 digits, which is enough to number 15 teams (1 through 15).

To view on the website, go to http://www.transferexpress.com/stoc...or-polyester?icn=topnavnnst&ici=elastinumbers .

For more information, contact Stahls’ Transfer Express at (440) 918-1900; toll-free (800) 622-2280; email: [email protected] or visit the website at www.TransferExpress.com.


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