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Hello I am leaning towards beginning my own tshirt business, however I am just trying to understand exactly what I will need. I am looking to purchase the heat press ofcourse as my first investment, however I know that next up will be to eventually invest in a vinyl cutter to be able to create my own designs. To get familiar with the software did you all actually go take a class, or just tune in to the tutorials online? Also, I have seen many companys get their logos done in rhinestones, how do designers get that onto a transfer. Would the customer have to send a copy of the logo, in order to import it into a program and out as rhinestone transfer? Would we do this or outsource the template to be made for future use? Sorry for the book. :)
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Your questions are a bit generic...but there is a ton of info here...just search under the topic you choose....as to your questions
1-you do not need a cutter to design your shirts
2-cutter you will use to cut heat press vinyl....only vectors can be cut or contour cut with optic eye
3-if using Corel there are very few places with classes..it comes with tutorials and lots on YouTube
4-to do rhinestones..you need a program or plug for Corel...which I don't like
5-to make the templates you need either a cutter or dedicated cam machine
6-you can always outsource
7-to do logos you gave to have vector image..or vectorize the bitmap
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