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I went to the class in NY... only the first day. I was kinda pissed that I payed $175, but a week before the class it was 'on sale' for $99 and then learned that MANY PEOPLE GOT IN FREE!

If you know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING then go. But you will get more info watching youtube videos. REALLY. Other than actually DOING the task (there were 30 or so people in my class) there was not much to 'learn'.

You get to put emulsion on a screen, WATCH SOMEONE wash it out, WATCH SOMEONE burn a screen, and then you get to make a single color print on a t-shirt and put it on the dryer.

At the end the did say that they were going to have equipment discounts available... but I didn't stay.

They people giving the class were very knowledgeable and had a lot of insight into the business side. They didn't push Ryonet stuff.. they recommended the best stuff. Sometimes it was another brand.

If you go for the full 3 days wait till the week before (when the price will drop IN HALF) or even call the NY office and ask to attend free.

I have litho and screen print experience... but wanted to see what what 'new'. Turned out its still the same old same old.
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